Testing a vehicle mounted VMS

A big thank you to the team www.pbtraffic.co.nz for letting us try this great tool. For a little over 3 weeks I travelled completing inspections around New Zealand. Rather than driving all day with a static sign that means very little to the public as its on display all day I only deployed this sign when I was in fact stopping on the side of the road. It took all of a minute to deploy in the upright position and the same to fold back down.

Feedback from crews around the country particular those involved with mobile operation like mowing, spraying and line marking loved the concept of giving meaningful messages to the public that they could change as needed for the operation as they moved down the road.

I found that the public were very responsive to the sign and most defiantly were taking notice as the passed with a small decrease of speed.

I found the operation very simple with a wireless remote that you simply select the sign you required to display and what ever the message was when you closed the board it automatically displayed when it opened next. While the photos look a little pixelated from a distance this was not the case and clearly was designed with distance in minded.

There are so many applications there this could be used and so would love your feedback and thoughts on the board. Would you use it? and where?

Big thank you again to Akshay and the Team for letting us take the board for a test drive before it went to its lucky new owner in Gisborne.

3 thoughts on “Testing a vehicle mounted VMS”

  1. What a awesome idea, many shadow jobs be useful, eg when client once followed drove 100m stopped for 8 seconds, did this 10 times then we were off to another location to do the same, bit like skid testing, eg traffic crawling ahead pass with care.

  2. Good to see some advancements in our industry, Would be good to have these ones on the level 2 poles as well, so we can use it as a customised sign as per the approved message in the TMP e.g. for road closures, events etc.
    Great work team

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