New Zealand Guide to Temporary Traffic Management Draft is out for Feedback

Please use the link below to view the latest Newsletter with details and links to the draft document.

We are happy to take questions and help you work through what the guide means.

One thought on “New Zealand Guide to Temporary Traffic Management Draft is out for Feedback”

  1. Ttm has changed a lot over the years and not all of it in a good way… people don’t ask us …the guys on the road doing it day and night about what we think is safe and what works and that is a real shame because we should be acknowledged as important providers of valuable information you can’t get from a book . The biggest thing I would say is “keep it simple stupid (kiss)” tmps are so over complicated it actually makes it more dangerous navigating though a site where there are soooo many signs that people become blinded and confused by signs that they either font understand or read wrong. Drivers are focused on what’s ahead of them on the road and not whatbis on the side of them and with this tunnel vision you might as well have nothing at all… 👀🤔😔.

    Also all these new categories for your nzta qualifications is purely a money grab and I can not see any courses that actually teach you or make you a better stms than the system prior to cat A and B etc and from learning in house from experienced stms. Stms should be having a training manual onsite where they have to teach their tcs a certain lesson everyday until they have ticked off all the boxes and is recommended to then go for their stms tickets because you can NOT beat on the ground training 😉

    I have lots of comments and suggestions but don’t want to put u all to sleep so will leave it there for now 👍🤝😊

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